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CHQ-18-10: Crew Rest Unit Bunk Kits

The Union is happy to advise that we have received a positive arbitration award on grievance CHQ-18-10: Crew Rest Unit Bunk Kits.  The grievance was related to the number of sheets, blankets, and pillowcases that are to be provisioned for each crew member as outlined in LOU 28.  The grievance proceeded to an arbitration hearing with our Chief Arbitrator William Kaplan on May 19, 2021.

The Union’s position was that LOU 28 was straightforward: for every flight leg scheduled to exceed 8 hours, cabin crew members shall receive two clean sheets, two clean pillowcases and two clean blankets. The Company took the position that it had a long-standing consistent practise of providing one sheet, one pillowcase and one blanket for each flight where a crew bunk kit was to be provided.

After reviewing the briefs, authorities and the submissions made at the hearing, Arbitrator Kaplan found that the grievance is allowed. He found that the Collective Agreement requirement is completely clear and does not permit for an interpretation brought forward by the Company. He found that the remedy should be limited to a declaration of breach with the Company provided sufficient time to come into compliance. A full copy of his award can be found HERE.

The Union has already reached out to Air Canada for a date of implementation of this award and once this is secured, we will advise.

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