days until our Collective Agreement expires, we are preparing, we are united and we will make change.

COLA Update

Last week the Union met with Arbitrator Eli Gedalof and Air Canada as a requirement of the reopener bargaining process. During this meeting, the Union advised the Employer that based on our sincere attempts that we felt that the parties were at an impasse. We did not see the value in continuing with the mediation process and wanted to utilise our available dates for interest arbitration. It was then discussed at length and the parties agreed to use one of the dates to hear the Cost-of-Living grievance. On May 30, 2023 we will hear CHQ-22-48 COLA LOU 35 ME TOO. Please click HERE to view the original bulletin.

As many of you may know, our Collective Agreement has language relating to cost-of-living increases:


L35.01 In conjunction with the effective date of the annualized uplifts agreed to by the parties and set out in Article 5 of the collective agreement, wage increases will be subject to further negotiations if:

i. other bargaining agents (ACPA, ALPA, CAW, IAMAW, or CALDA) have negotiated higher percentage wage uplifts effective before the expiry of the CUPE collective agreement;


ii. the consumer price index of the previous year exceeds the wage increases by more than one (1.0%) percent for any of the three (3) calendar years referenced in Article 5 of the collective agreement.

Note: In the event other bargaining units achieve a higher percentage increase as a result of demonstrable productivity or work rule changes, such will be taken into consideration should further negotiation on wages be required.

The Union has asked that this hearing be opened to the membership, and we are waiting for a response relating to the Company’s position.  We will keep you posted.

In solidarity,