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Component Officers’ Top-Up

Hello Members,
I wanted to provide a brief update to the ACCEX bulletin that was sent on January 10, 2019 (Click HERE to view) in regard to the Component Officers’ Top-Up.
When I took office on February 1st one of the first tasks that I began to work on was the reconciliation of the past term’s top-ups. I reviewed the ACCEX motion passed on January 7, 2019 and calculated the disputed amounts. I went through the files month-by-month, officer-by-officer and presented my findings to ACCEX.
The amounts to be repaid are as follows:
• Former Component President: $14,938.59
• Former Component Vice President: $15,652.26
• Former Component Secretary-Treasurer: $11,799.14
ACCEX approved my calculations and directed me to send letters to each former officer requesting repayment. Registered letters were sent to the three former Component officers on February 26, 2019. These letters requested repayment by March 31, 2019. I will provide a further update at that time on the status of these repayments.
For the go forward, I also commit to publishing the monthly highest earner (without names) as part of my regular Secretary-Treasurer’s report.
In solidarity,
Alex Habib
Component Secretary-Treasurer

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