days until our Collective Agreement expires, we are preparing, we are united and we will make change.

Component Officers’ Update

It has been some time since there has been an update from your Component Officers. We have been actively working behind the scenes on many fronts.  We felt it was time to reach out and let you know that we are fully engaged in doing all we can for the membership and to ensure no stone of opportunity is unturned.  We are bringing attention to government agencies, government officials, company representatives and beyond.  We are committed to having your voices heard.

Many of you have reached out about the time frame and are asking when, and if, our members will be recognised as the essential workers they have been from the beginning of the pandemic and be treated as such.  The common question is when it will be your turn to be vaccinated.  We have also heard from those that do not wish to be vaccinated or have concerns about the efficacy or the safety of the vaccines.  For those that have concerns please note that there is no requirement to be vaccinated at this time.

We have reached out to the Federal Health Minster Patty Hajdu, as recently as March 31, 2021 for an update on where the Federal Government stands on vaccinations for cabin crew at Air Canada and Air Canada Rouge.  We have not made a distinction in the vaccination of active or laid off cabin crew.  Our goal is to have all cabin crew members who wish to be vaccinated receive the vaccine in an expedited fashion. We believe that it should be offered to all that are active or will be recalled. This way all crew members are ready to come back fully prepared and vaccinated.

Please click HERE to read the last update on vaccines.

We have heard many rumors about upcoming recalls and have had several members reach out asking where they fall on the recall list.  We have committed, since June 2020, that we will advise you as soon as any recalls are confirmed to the Union.  To date, we have no confirmation of recalls to share.

Updated Seniority Lists
Please note that as per Article 16.08.05, the Union and the Company met to go over all seniority contests. This is done each year for those who wish to contest their seniority placement due to an error or omission.  Anyone who wished to have this reviewed had the Union and the Company look carefully at the circumstances of each. If it was deemed that a correction was required, those affected would have been advised.  There is now an updated list as per Article 16.08.06 posted on acaeronet.

Layover Safety and COVID-19
Your safety and health are our top priorities and will always continue to be so. We would like to remind each of you that masks are required at all times while in hotels, on crew buses and out on layovers.  Each of us needs to be mindful that the health and safety measures here in Canada, as well as those onboard the aircraft, are in place to protect us against the possibility of transmitting COVID-19.  Your Union encourages you to always wear a mask, have gloves on hand and do your COVID-19 self screening each morning. This is for your safety, the safety of the public and the safety of the crew who work with you.  We know that COVID fatigue is a reality and thank all members for their continued professionalism, fortitude, and perseverance as we move through this pandemic.

Joint Planning Committee
Your Union has been in discussions with the company on a weekly basis to review further options that could help to lessen the impact of the layoffs.  We do not have any information at this time to share however you should know that the meetings are still ongoing. There have been many fruitful discussions and we will continue to find any and all avenues reasonably available.

Hong Kong – COVID Testing on Arrival  
As many of you are aware, the company advised the Union and the membership of the new regulations that must be adhered to upon entry into Hong Kong.  “Crew members must remain at the testing site until a result is confirmed. This may take between 1 and 4 hours. Crew members will be provided with a desk and chair, water and dry snacks and free Wi-Fi for the duration of the wait.”

Previously your Union filed Policy grievance CHQ-20-12, Post Duty Ground Credit.  Please click HERE to view the grievance form.

The Union is requesting that all members who operate flights to Hong Kong (HKG) and are required to submit to mandatory COVID-19 testing, fill out a ground duty claim, as per Article 5.08.

The ground duty period should commence 15 minutes post arrival up to the time the last person has cleared the COVID-19 testing facility.

If the claim is denied, please submit it to your Local Union and it will be attached to this grievance.  Make sure to retain a copy for you and your crew’s records.

On a final note, we know that all members of our Union are impacted in profound ways for a variety of reasons. It is not lost on us that courage, patience and persistence are required and so many have risen to the challenge. Let us not forget that we have weathered other storms and will rebound from this setback. Please keep in mind that some of our colleagues are struggling and that kindness and support go a very long way. Be kind to yourself and to each other and we promise that we will continue to seek out new means to find the way back to a better place for the membership.

In solidarity,