days until our Collective Agreement expires, we are preparing, we are united and we will make change.

Component Officers Update

This is an update to keep you informed of some of the things we have been working on.

2022 Bargaining Re-Opener Continuation
The Union and the Company are moving forward to the next phase in the re-opener process which is mediation.  Once dates have been selected, we will advise the membership.  As part of our ongoing promise to you, we will keep you advised of where we are in the process and what has transpired.

Cost of Living Allowance – LOU 35
The Company and the Union were in mediation last week with our Chief Arbitrator William Kaplan.  CHQ-22-48 (COLA, LOU 35) was discussed. There was some attempt to mediate however there was no change to the current position of either party, and no resolution was reached.  The Union and the Company will move this forward to arbitration. When dates have been established, we will advise you.

Wheelchairs and Duties Outside of the Aircraft
We wanted to give a friendly reminder that pushing wheelchairs, assisting at gates and assisting with baggage on the bridge is not our role as cabin crew.  When issues arise inside the aircraft, that falls to us to assist.  Please be mindful that our colleagues on the ground are sometimes short staffed or in training and may require more time.  If you are required to remain onboard to look after passengers awaiting assistance from an agent, please claim the time.  You are not required, nor is it encouraged for you to push wheelchairs up the bridge, assist with carry offs or direct passengers at the gate, we are not trained for these roles, and need to always maintain proper crew compliment on the plane, that’s our role, and we never want to jeopardize safety.

Hotel and Ground Transportation Issues
We wanted to send a reminder that reporting hotel and ground transportation issues is critical to effecting change in the future. When hotel and ground transportation contracts are up for renewal your Hotel Committee and Air Canada management rely on the information found in crew care reports to justify a change in the market. Please continue to report even if it’s a repetitive issue and encourage others on your crew who experience issues to also report.

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