days until our Collective Agreement expires, we are preparing, we are united and we will make change.

Component Officers’ Update for the Week of June 22, 2020

As the week has progressed quickly, we wanted to send a quick update.

For our members that have been, or are in the process of being, recalled we want to remind you that if you are on a leave of any sort, i.e.: WIP, Maternity, etc., you are still required to accept the recall notice that you have received.  This does NOT interfere with any approved leaves; this just puts you back “online” for when you are prepared to come back and secures your position.

Air Canada Component Executive Meeting
Your executive board, consisting of the Component Officers and each Local Base President, has been meeting virtually multiple times a week, over the last few months.  We have been able to maintain a more unified and aligned position on various Collective Agreement items and policy issues facing each of you.  We have also just finished our regular ACCEX meeting completely virtually.  Although it has its challenges not being face to face, or being able to present “paper copies” of items, we felt it was imperative to continue to ensure regular business, budget items and local issues were being reviewed and addressed.  Each Local, including our Rouge Local, is represented at the table and has an important voice.  We encourage all members to continue to reach out to your Union with any issues, concerns, or questions.  This is how we will remain strong, unified and continue to push issues forward that are important to each of you.

2020-21 Component Budget
During our executive meeting, this week we passed a 6-month budget for the new fiscal year instead of the traditional 12-month budget, as it was difficult to estimate when we will return to larger active memberships. More information to come next week in the Component Secretary-Treasurer’s Update.

Recall Number for August
Many members have been reaching out with regards to recalls for August and into the fall.  The Union has not been advised of recalls or numbers going forward.  As with all information we have, we will ensure you are notified when we are.

Opting Out of Paper Mailings
In 2018, changes were made to the Air Canada Component Bylaws allowing members to opt-out of receiving physical mailings during elections and to receive communication electronically, solely via email.  Your Component Officers will be issuing further information on this next week, stay tuned!

In solidarity,