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Component Update for the Week of July 13, 2020

Below are some updates from your Component Officers on a variety of issues:

Footwear Allowance – Article 7.03.04
Many of you have reached out regarding the footwear allowance, and why some have received it and others have not.  We have confirmed with Air Canada that this will be paid out on July 17, 2020 to all members who were “actively flying” in the June 2020 block month.  If you were not actively flying, i.e.: you were on CERB/CEWS or offline for other reasons, you will not have the footwear allowance on this cheque.  Once you are recalled or return to active flying duties, you will be able to claim for the footwear allowance, and the company will pay it.

Recalls – August 2020
The Company has confirmed there will be no recalls for August 2020 at this time.

August 2020 Block Month           
Due to the extensive change in Air Canada’s flying schedule for August 2020, the Company has advised the Union that they will be changing the block month to 80:00 hours, down from 85:00.

COVID Confirmed Passengers
We have had a recent spike regarding COVID Confirmed Passengers on our flights and wanted to go over the process with everyone, so the expectations are known and understood.  Once Air Canada/Air Canada Rouge is made aware of a confirmed case onboard one of our aircrafts, they will reach out and notify each cabin crew member on the plane (operating or deadheading).  The Union is also notified, and in turn we also reach out, by email, to each member to advise them of options they have to follow the WSIB/WCB path if required, as well to ensure the Union is notified if you need any assistance or if you test positive to COVID-19.  Each case that is reported to Air Canada/Air Canada Rouge is followed up with by a group within management that ensures you are made aware.  Once you are notified, you will be removed from active duty for 14 days from the date of you being onboard the aircraft with the COVID positive passenger.  You will receive full pay protection on this.

Air Canada Rouge
We have had many members reach out with regards to Rouge flying and advertisements for Rouge.  At this time, we are not aware of any operational start-ups at Rouge.  If we receive any concrete information, we will keep the membership informed.

USA and HKG Flights
In discussions with many members, we are hearing hourly the concerns you have operating and deadheading into and through the United States, as well as to Hong Kong due to COVID testing.  The Company has advised that the same process will take place for all flights landing in and departing from the United States of America.

i) If a BLOCKHOLDER does not want to risk going to Hong Kong – HKG or the United States, can they decline to go?
If a block holder does not want to operate their pairing to HKG or the USA, Air Canada will show you as unavailable no fault (CODE 519). You can then make up the hours the same day or any other day. Your MMG (Minimum Monthly Guarantee) is waived and you will get paid what you fly for the block month.

ii) If a RESERVE does not want to risk going to Hong Kong – HKG or the United States, can they decline to go?
Reserve members will revert back to reserve status, with no MMG reduction.  Just advise the crew scheduler you are not comfortable to go, and they will not place you onto the assignment.

Your Union is available if there are any complications with this process, please email us anytime at

In solidarity,

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