days until our Collective Agreement expires, we are preparing, we are united and we will make change.

Coronavirus Update 22

In order to stay on top of rapidly evolving information regarding COVID-19, we would like to recommend the following resources:

Government of Canada COVID-19 app

  • The latest government updates
  • Statistics
  • Self-assessment tool

The Union recommends paying attention to the location-tracking settings, which aren’t mandatory in order to use the app, and can be set to OFF.

Air Canada Component of CUPE app

  • Instant notification when the Union issues a bulletin
  • Have all the Union’s bulletins at your fingertips wherever you are without having to sort through emails
  • Easy access to communicate with the Union including contact info

You can download the app here:

IOS download
Android download

Company Bulletins
Company bulletins related to COVID-19, including safety, service and workforce reduction can be found in the following two places:

  • Dedicated COVID-19 tile on the ePub main page.
  • Under ACAeronet > In Flight Service > IFS Safety > Documentation > COVID-19 Bulletins & Information (this option may be more mobile-friendly)

We want to hear from our members with healthcare or emergency-services experience!
Do you have a healthcare-related degree, diploma, or emergency services qualification? Do you moonlight as a healthcare worker or emergency responder in your time off?

If so, the Union would be interested in hearing from you to get your take on what’s being done to protect airline workers. The information will be treated as confidential by the Union unless otherwise discussed and agreed. Please reach out directly to if you’d like to share your opinion and/or suggestions!

COVID-19 – Has it affected your health?
If you have operated a flight where you were advised of a positive COVID-19 passenger on board it is extremely import you notify the Union.  Please click HERE to access an email survey we had previously sent out to all members.  If you have been affected, and have NOT yet replied to the email, please send a reply to titled “COVID-19”.

If you have contracted the virus it is equally important you advise the Union.  This is strictly confidential, and is not reported to anyone, it is for our records only.  Again, please send this to

Availability of PPE
We are also wanting to ensure protective equipment is in full supply, if you are not able to get any equipment at the Comm Centres or on board, please report through an eReport as well report this to the Union.

We all have a role in safety and that is to report any safety issues.  We are all safety professionals, and at this time more than ever, we must ensure our gloves, masks, gowns, and other PPEs are always available when we require them.

In Solidarity,

Wesley Lesosky
President, Air Canada Component of CUPE