days until our Collective Agreement expires, we are preparing, we are united and we will make change.

Coronavirus Update 23

We have been swamped yet again with messages of all kinds related to the company’s recent announcement that it will be refreshing the offerings to customers shortly.

In an effort to represent you, we often find ourselves personally overloaded and equally as frustrated as you with the issues at hand. We keep working even though we are all feeling overwhelmed. We are here for you and will continue to be.

Please read this bulletin in its entirety as it may answer many of your questions and/or concerns.

What has the Union said so far:

  • We are still very much in the throes of a pandemic and any service should reflect that.
  • Any change should reflect the core tenets of the current service:
    • Limiting the number or times and duration we go out in the aisle.
    • Limiting the number of “touchpoints” with customers.
    • Limiting prolonged verbal discussion with customers.
    • Ensuring an expeditious flow through the cabin for the limited service offering, limiting exposure.
  • The Union is not comfortable with a return to service levels that exceed this presently.

Some of the challenges that have been raised during these discussions:

  • Depending where we fly, competitors are offering increased product. The company has conveyed that it does not intend to match this. However, management has made it very clear that if we are to survive in these markets, we must go beyond a bottle of water 2-3 times per flight and take steps to differentiate between the classes.
  • Both the Union and company have heard from members who are increasingly being put in the difficult position of explaining our very limited product, while restaurants, bars and services are reopening and deemed safe by government as well as health authorities. The Union has made it clear that the there is a need to diffuse customer frustration before it makes its way onboard.
  • The severity of the pandemic varies by destination. There may be a second wave in certain regions and there is a need to be prepared to able to adapt accordingly.

Assurances we have received in our dialogue with the company:

  • The company has made good on a promise to regularly consult and update the Union as it figures out what kind of products/services it is going to offer for the foreseeable future.
  • The company has, in many cases, accepted the Union’s comments/concerns and proposed changes.
  • In other cases, there is a commitment from management to continue reviewing your comments on an ongoing basis, consult with the Union, and make changes if necessary.
  • Either way, the company has repeatedly made it clear to the Union that it isn’t going back to “business as usual”, that it recognizes there is still a pandemic and that it needs to very cautiously reinvent itself in order to succeed in this “new normal”. While it is obviously in all our best interest for the company to prosper, the Union still has some outstanding concerns about its plans and remains committed to addressing those on your behalf.

Some of the things that we have asked for and that the company has worked into its service plan:

  • VERY limited assortment of drinks. Ex. In Economy/PY there will be no ice/lemon and beverage options will ONLY include:
    • Red or White wine
    • 3 selections of soft drinks (Coke, Diet Coke, Ginger Ale)
    • Black coffee/tea
  • Providing the full can/split with a disposable cup in all classes. This keeps time serving similar to providing a bottle and eliminates request for seconds from customers.
  • No coffee/tea with pickup. Hot beverages will be combined with meal service.
  • Everything that we would otherwise individually offer to the customer will be grouped and packaged together:
    • Amenity kits combined with CleanCare+ kits and headphones in Signature Class, PY and Y (no amenity kit in Y).
    • The entire meal in all classes will remain in a box. A hot casserole will be added to Signature class boxes prior to going out into the aisle.
    • Coffee/Tea condiments (cream, milk, sugar, sweetener, swizzle stick) will all be pre-packaged together eliminating the “how do you take it” conversation and up to 3 contacts.
  • A menu card will be included with meals in all classes. In Signature Class it will include a message explaining the reduced service offering, expediting, or eliminating the need to have that discussion with clients.
  • Service expectations and a warning for those with dietary restrictions will be issued ahead of time via targeted emails, texts, app notifications, and lounge announcements to reduce time spent explaining onboard.
  • A commitment to maintain current PPE options for employees onboard is at the core of the company’s current plan.

How to make your voice heard:
We are working around the clock to make sure your concerns are heard and making a difference as the company revamps its product and service level. We cannot say “we saw things on Facebook” when we discuss matters with management. It is untraceable and citing discussions we see could violate the trust we have as colleagues. The company also sees the things on Facebook but requires them to be officially reported for similar reasons. Because of this Facebook is best left for casual discussions – not reporting issues you want fixed. Please help us do our jobs so that you can come to work and confidently do yours, REPORT:

  • If you have the time to vent on Facebook or other platforms, you should have already reported your issue officially – no exceptions.
  • For concerns about potential or actual hazards, file a health and safety complaint e-report that the company is guaranteed to see, that your Union reps see, and which will contribute to company stats used to make the workplace safer.
  1. From ACAeronet > safety > Submit a report/SIMS
    2. Direct web link:
    3. AQD iPad app is you are an SD. If you are an SD filling out a report for an FA on your iPad it is very important to ensure that you fill in their name as the reporting employee so that the system attributes it to them, not you.

    If you are filing your report online:
    4. You will pass through two login screens
    5. Click on the small (it’s very small!) e-report tab in the top left of the screen
    6. On the next screen, select health and safety complaintfrom the menu on the right
    7. A pop-up will appear
    8. Remember to use your Air Canada email address
    9. Before clicking “submit” verify the “set department” button just to the left and ensure IFS DEPARTMENT is selected.
    10. We strongly suggest typing the text of your complaint in a blank email so that it isn’t lost if there is a problem submitting.
    11. Your union H&S reps will be able to see your report in the safety system but send us an email to let us know you’ve submitted it with the report reference number.

    We remain available to our members during this difficult time. Stop by one of our offices, or write to (non-urgent) or (questions that can’t wait until the next business day).

In Solidarity,