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Coronavirus Update 24

Did you know that as per Transport Canada’s Order Respecting Certain Requirements for Civil Aviation Due to COVID-19, No. 5, every airline must catalogue and report each reported occurrence of non-compliance with mask rules?

37 If, during a flight that a private operator or air carrier operates, a person refuses to comply with an instruction given by a crew member with respect to wearing a face mask, the private operator or air carrier must
(a) keep a record of
     (i) the date and flight number,
     (ii) the person’s name and contact information,
     (iii) the person’s seat number, and
     (iv) the circumstances related to the refusal to comply; and
(b) inform the Minister as soon as feasible of any record created under paragraph (a).

Many of our members have reported cases of blatant disregard to the mask rules and have asked why more is not being done. Please note that by reporting such incidents, the company is obligated to keep track and is also required to inform the Ministry who will then be in a better position to assess whether further regulatory action needs to be taken.

To file a disruptive/unruly passenger e-report:

  • Log into the AQD app on the SD iPad
  • Access SIMS reporting system via the direct link:
  • Access SIMS via ACAeronet>Safety>Submit a report/SIMS

The SIMS system is NOT fully compatible with mobile browsers. If you experience difficulty, try using a computer.

The Union is NOT copied on disruptive unruly passenger reports. If you want us to be in the know, take a screenshot or copy/paste into an email.

You can reach the Union by emailing for non-urgent matters, and for issues requiring a response before the next business day.

In solidarity,