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Coronavirus Update 25

The Union is following up with the Public Health Agency of Canada regarding members being denied basic services due to their profession and/or having travelled in the previous 14 days.

We urgently need members to provide us with their recent experiences, in the greatest amount of detail possible, if they have been denied services.

Examples of basic services might include:

  • Medical appointments
  • Dental appointments
  • Diagnostic service appointments such as scans and medical tests
  • Paramedical services such as physiotherapy
  • Childcare
  • Schooling (including policies that state your child won’t be able to go to school once it starts)
  • Grocery stores, etc.

Details that are especially useful:

  • Approximate date of refusal and location of the refusal.
  • Were you denied because of your profession in general (cabin crew), or because you had travelled within the past 14 days, or because you had travelled internationally in the past 14 days?
  • Did you show the TC-issued exemption letter? Did it make a difference? If not, did they say why?
  • Has denial of services cause you actual or potential harm (ex. Did you have to postpone a medical procedure)?
  • Has denial of services been extended to your family (ex. Child not able to go to daycare or school etc.)?

Please send your comments to with the title “Denial of Services & Your Name & Your Employee Number & Your Base”.
In Solidarity,