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Coronavirus Update 30

As of tomorrow, 21NOV2020, the Canada Border Services Agency is discontinuing the paper traveller contact information form.

This means that as crew you will have two digital options to choose from:

  1. The ArriveCan app on your mobile device
  2. The web based ArriveCan form

Both can be accessed here:

For your convenience, we have attached the CBSA’s instructions to this email.  (Click HERE to view)

The company has also just released a Globe bulletin with further details.

ArriveCAN mobile application 

For this option you will need either an iPhone with iOS 12 or above, or a device running Android OS6 or above.

If your device doesn’t meet this criteria, you will need to use the web-based form.

The app will store your basic information so that you do not need to enter it every time you return from a flight, and it functions on airplane mode allowing you to fill out the required information prior to arrival.

On arrival, the border officer will confirm the data you submitted using the app, and provide you a 3-digit code to enter into a box in the app. This will validate your exemption, which will be confirmed by a blue E with a checkmark.

ArriveCAN web-based form

The ArriveCan web-based form can be completed at any point prior to your pairing. Access it from the ArriveCan portal (see link above).

Print your receipt and show it to the border officer when returning to Canada, who will take it and mark you as exempt in the CBSA’s database.

We suggest confirming with the border officer that the exemption code has been entered into your file.

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