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Cosmic Radiation

A cosmic radiation program was implemented at the company following discussions with the Union and at the Policy Health and Safety Committee. This program follows a government advisory document which outlines the minimum steps that Canadian air carriers should follow in order to provide their employees with an opportunity to monitor and minimize their exposure to cosmic radiation.

Federal guidelines require that an employee’s exposure is no more than 50mSv in any five-year period or 20 mSv within any 12-month period.

To ensure this, the guidelines also require employers to take measures to allow any employee approaching 6mSv to reduce their exposure.  This is in line with the ALARP principle of keeping exposure as low as reasonably possible.

  • You will receive summary emails detailing your cumulative exposure year-to-date.
  • If you are projected to approach 6mSv within the year, you will receive a separate email.
  • If you have exceeded 6mSv, you will receive a separate email
  • Separate exposure recommendations exist for pregnant persons (max 1mSv). See your local for details.

You can view your exposure and history any time, as well as consult the FAQ document by going to

Your OH&S committees can answer questions and your bidding reps can assist in suggesting bid choices that may help reduce exposure.

Emails regarding levels approaching or exceeding 6mSv will include an invitation to discuss options to reduce exposure. We urge you to accept this offer. Please note that you may have union representation for this discussion.

In solidarity,

Your Air Canada Component of CUPE Health and Safety Committee