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Sleepwear on long range flights

The Company provides sleepwear for crew rest purposes to cabin crew members (reserve or block holders) who operate overseas flights that contractually require the use of a crew rest module. The item is fully paid by the Company. Sleepwear sizes range from XS to XXXL. The sleepwear components are a long sleeved top and elastic waist pants made from 100 percent cotton. Crew members are entitled to order 1 set of sleepwear per calendar year as long as they operate any B14, LOU 18, and 22 flights.
Cabin crew must complete the Sleepwear Requisition Form which can be obtained at the Crew Centre. They must attach a copy of their duty plan that clearly indicates they are scheduled to operate a long range overseas flight. An IFS Manager will sign the form, process it, and provide a copy to the employee for their records. Then the sleepwear is delivered to the employee’s home address. The delivery usually takes approximately 48 hours. However, it may take longer depending if Unisync has sleepwear in stock at that time.
Cabin crew can request sleepwear through a Crew Centre Coordinator who will provide them with a Sleepwear Requisition Form. Also, employees must provide a copy of their duty plan indicating they are scheduled to operate a long range overseas flight. The base has a supply of sleepwear in stock which is regularly replenished. If the requested size is available, the employee will sign the form confirming they have received sleepwear. If the requested size is not available, the base will place an order for replenishment. Sleepwear is then delivered to the Crew Centre for the employee to pick up.
Please see the Crew Centre coordinator for more details.
Currently, no B14, LOU18, LOU22 flights depart from this base.
Sleepwear Policy
The pre-set onboard crew rest times include time required to prepare for rest such as changing into sleepwear. When possible, sleepwear should be donned in the lavatories and the uniform hung in a closet. For safety reasons, nothing is to be hung from the emergency egress handle in the crew rest module. Sleepwear is provided to cabin crew for use in closed facilities only. Cabin crew are not permitted to walk in the cabin while in sleepwear.
We encourage you to keep this bulletin as a reference about crew rest sleepwear. Please feel free to contact your crew rest committee with any queries.
In Solidarity,
Component Crew Rest Committee