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Crew Rest Committee Update – June 2022

Crew Rest Unit Failure And Missing / Incomplete Bunk Kit Reporting

(This applies to Air Canada Mainline only)

Dear members,

In March 2019, the Component Crew Rest Committee issued a bulletin regarding the procedures to follow when submitting a Crew Rest Unit (CRU) Failure Report (ACF623B). There have been some changes to the procedure. When submitting an ACF623B report for a CRU failure or missing/incomplete crew bunk kit(s), the Service Director must:

  • Complete the CRU Failure Report (ACF623B).  An In-Flight Service Base Manager’s information / signature is no longer required.  Leave that section of the report blank
  • When completing the ACF623B for an INOP or failure of a CRU/OFAR, take a photo if possible, of the completed Cabin Defect Log entry for your records
  • When completing the ACF623B for missing / incomplete crew bunk kit(s) indicate in the “description of events” section the total number of missing / incomplete bunk kits.  List the affected crew members in the appropriate section.  **Please ensure you have called STOC at least 30 minutes prior to departure to request the missing crew bunk kits and note that the request was denied in the “description of events” section
  • The report should be scanned and sent to within a recommended time frame of 10 days
  • A paper copy of the report may be submitted to the Communications Centre Coordinator to the attention of Paola Campacci YYZ ZIP 2222
  • Provide copies to your Local Union Office and Component Crew Rest Committee
  • ACF623B is no longer found in the flight satchel however can be found in the Globe Briefing Package, Local Union Offices, and Communication Centres (ask the Coordinator on duty)
  • An In-Flight Service Report (eOBR) is no longer required to accompany any CRU Failure Report

In Solidarity,

Component Crew Rest Committee