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Crew Rest Committee Update – October 2020

(This bulletin contains information for Air Canada Mainline and Air Canada Rouge)
In our December 2019 Flash Bulletin entitled LOU28 Bunk Kits, we focused on bunk kit provisioning and usage.   If you missed that bulletin, please click HERE.

In this bulletin we would like to focus on the designation of an article/LOU for Air Canada Mainline long-range flights, and general crew rest rules pertaining to Air Canada Rouge.


During this unprecedented time with members operating different pairings, and perhaps being unfamiliar with long range flights at each base, the Component Crew Rest Committee has created this bulletin to assist the membership when operating long range flights.  In addition to the information contained in this bulletin, the committee has included an updated Long-Range Flying Chart (click HERE for PDF).  We encourage members to carry this chart while at work.

Q: Who designates the article or LOU that a long-range flight operates under and where do I find this information?
A: The article or LOU is designated by the company and a monthly chart containing the flights and the designated article/LOU can be found in Aeronet (In-Flight Service > Crew Scheduling & Planning > Bidding Tools & Information > Duty Summary). Members may also contact their Local or the Component Crew Rest Committee.

Q: Can the company change the designated article/LOU mid month?  Can the company add an extra crew member(s) and extend the duty day to a different LOU?
A: Once bidding is closed, the company cannot for any reason change the designated article/LOU.

According to the October 2020 block month bid package and duty summary, the following flights have been designated as B14, LOU18, or LOU22A:

LOU22A LOU18 B14

*Members are encouraged to verify the designated article or LOU each month.

*The service specifications may need to be modified for crew to obtain their full contractual rest times.   An In-Flight Service Report (OBR) should be filled out by the SD and submitted to the Company along with a report to your Local.

*Meal breaks are to be taken separately from the on-board crew rest.


The committee would like to inform members of crew rest language in LOU55.

Q: Am I entitled to onboard crew rest?
A: On all flights, Air Canada Rouge will undertake to ensure that a certain bank of economy seats are held as “last sold” for the purpose of crew breaks on all aircraft.  On flights with a scheduled flight time greater than eight (8:00) hours, if available you are entitled to sleep in the last sold seats or crew rest unit for a maximum of one (1) hour.

Q: Am I entitled to a rest facility on a stopover in between flights?
A: Yes. If you have an airport stopover of five (5) hours or more, you may request a shared rest facility.

Q: What is my minimum crew rest at homebase after my pairing?

Following a Domestic Operation Ten (10) Hours
Following an Overseas Operation Sixteen (16) Hours
Following an Operation from Central America/South America/Caribbean where the duty period is greater than thirteen (13) hours Twelve (12) Hours


Q: What is my minimum crew rest on my layover?
A: The minimum Legal Rest Period at a layover point shall be ten (10) hours unless reduced to nine (9) hours for operational reasons.

Further information regarding crew rest can be found in Rouge ePub.

In Solidarity,

Component Crew Rest Committee