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Crew Rest Flash Bulletin – December 2019 – LOU28 Bunk Kits

(This bulletin applies to Mainline Cabin Crew)

This bulletin is to remind crews of bunk kit provisioning/usage when operating B5 Overseas flights under LOU28.

  • Bunk kits are provisioned for flights scheduled or reforecasted on day of departure of 8:01hrs to 11:29hrs gate to gate flying time
  • Bunk kits are boarded in Canada (flights to Europe and South America) for the flight leg or legs that are 8:01hrs or greater.  Bunk kits are not provisioned at the layover station
  • Bunk kits for flights to Asia are boarded in Canada for the outbound flight, and boarded at the layover station for the return flight
  • Please note that the contents of each bunk kit is currently in dispute (policy grievance CHQ-18-10) and the matter will be proceeding to arbitration in the near future

For flights scheduled or reforecasted on day of departure of 7:01hrs to 8:00hrs gate to gate flying time, crew members may sleep on their break however bunk kits will not be provisioned.

The Crew Rest Committee would like to remind crews that when taking their rest in the OFAR, they be mindful to ensure enough clean/unused bunk kits are available for the crew operating the flight leg that is entitled to the use of the kits.
In Solidarity,

Component Crew Rest Committee