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Crew Rest Unit Failure Reporting Procedures – March 2019

(This applies to Air Canada Mainline only)

In our December 2018 bulletin entitled “Crew Rest Unit (CRU) Failure”, we provided information regarding CRU failure, reporting and compensation.  If you missed that bulletin, please click HERE.
The Company and the Union have come to an agreement on the procedure for submitting CRU Failure Reports (ACF623B) when a CRU failure has been logged and verified by maintenance and the Captain.
The Service Director must:

  1. Complete the Crew Rest Unit Failure Report (ACF623B)
  2. Provide details on the In-Flight Service Report (ACF623A)
  3. Take a photo (if possible) of the completed Cabin Defect Log entry and keep it for your records
  4. The reports (ACF623B and ACF623A) should be submitted to Paola Campacci within 10 days
  5. Paper copies can be submitted to the Communications Centre Coordinator to the attention of Paola Campacci YYZ ZIP 2222
  6. Electronic copies may also be sent to
  7. Provide copies of the reports to the Local Union Office or email electronic copies to
  8. Retain copies of the reports

In order to assist in a thorough and prompt investigation of a CRU failure, it is important that the Service Director complete the report in its entirety including where the failure took place (prior to departure or during the flight) as well as the number of J and Y class seats provided to the operating crew.  See the starred sections of the sample that must be completed below.

The Company will provide the Union with a copy of the review of each CRU failure incident, in accordance with articles L18.04.05, L22.10.08 and L22.11.05.
If crew members are entitled to monetary compensation, Crew Records will be advised.  If crew members are entitled to vacation days, those days will be scheduled in the next vacation year.  After vacation bidding is completed, Crew Planning will send a notification via company email to the affected cabin crew members.
In Solidarity,
Component Crew Rest Committee