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Crew Rest Update – Long Range Flights

(This applies to AC Mainline only)

In our December 2020 bulletin, we informed the membership of any augmented LOU flying for the month and the designated Article/LOU for long range pairings.  This bulletin will clarify a few rules applicable to B14, LOU18, LOU22A/B pairings, and will provide the membership with an updated long range flying chart.

  • Once bidding is closed, the Company cannot for any reason change the designated Article/LOU
  • All the conditions (such as onboard rest, duty day limitations, crew complement, layover rest period etc.) of the designated Article/LOU apply to the entire pairing**
  • There are two possible onboard rest periods for LOU18 and LOU22A/B flights.  The duty day for each flight will determine the onboard rest period

** For greater clarity regarding onboard rest: if a pairing has been designated as LOU22B (for example YVR- DEL-YVR) the negotiated onboard rest periods for LOU22B shall apply to both the outbound and the return flights.

In 2018 the Component Crew Rest Committee issued a long range flying chart.  An updated chart (inclusive of the additional 30 minutes as per Article L60.04.06) is available to the membership.   Please click HERE for a PDF version of the chart.

In Solidarity,

Component Crew Rest Committee