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CUPE Communiqué – Merger of Air Canada and Transat


May 16, 2019

Merger of Air Canada and Transat: CUPE will hold the new employer accountable
Ottawa, Ontario – The union representing Air Canada’s and Air Transat’s flight attendants will hold the new employer accountable for promises made to employees if a merger agreement is finalized.
“Air Canada President and Chief Executive, Colin Rovinescu said that employees of both companies will benefit from increased job security and growth prospects,” said the president of the Air Canada Component of CUPE, Wesley Lesosky.
“According to Transat President and Chief Executive Officer Jean-Marc Eustache, this merger is the best prospect for not only maintaining, but growing the business and jobs,” added the president of the Air Transat Component of CUPE, Julie Roberts.
“We will make sure that these commitments to our members are respected,” noted Lesosky and Roberts.
“CUPE is Canada’s biggest union with more than 680,000 members across the country. We will use all our collective power to defend the interests of our members at Air Canada and Air Transat,” said CUPE National President Mark Hancock.
“In CUPE, we combine our resources to help each other. If the proposed merger translated into attacks against our members, CUPE National will be there in full strength to support them,” said CUPE National Secretary-Treasurer Charles Fleury.
CUPE represents more than 9,000 flight attendants at Air Canada and Rouge and 2,000 flight attendants at Air Transat.