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Delegate Representation at the Airline Division Conference and CUPE National Convention

Airline Division Conference
October 6, 2019
Montreal, QC

CUPE National Convention
October 7 – 11, 2019
Montreal, QC

Air Canada Component Delegate Representation
Delegate representation at the Airline Division Conference and the CUPE Convention shall be in accordance with the CUPE Constitution. The number of delegates* for the Air Canada Component is as follows:

Local 4091 – YUL Local President + 4 delegates 5
Local 4092 – YYZ Local President + Component Vice President +       Component Secretary-Treasurer + 7 delegates 10
Local 4094 – YVR Local President + 5 delegates 6
Local 4095 – YYC Local President + 2 delegates 3
Local 4098 – Rouge Local President + 4 delegates 5

* Each Local may also elect one alternate delegate.  An alternate delegate shall only be permitted on the floor of the Convention while replacing a delegate from the same chartered organization and while in possession of that delegate’s badge.
Interested in Being a Delegate?
You must collect signatures on the Delegate Nomination Paper in the Delegate package. Members wishing to be nominated must have 100 signatures or 10% of the ‘Local’ eligible voters, whichever is the lesser (see below for 10% requirements).

Local Minimum signatures required
4091 – YUL 100 signatures
4092 – YYZ 100 signatures
4094 – YVR 100 signatures
4095 – YYC 40 signatures
4098 – Rouge 100 signatures

If more Delegates apply than there are positions, an election will take place. You can download a detailed package, which includes nomination papers, from the Component website: or by clicking HERE. If you have any questions, please email
ORIGINAL signed delegate nomination papers must be received by the Component Tabulating Chairperson at 25 Belfield Road, Etobicoke, ON, M9W 1E8, no later than 16:00 EDT on June 27, 2019. Candidates must complete each Nomination Sheet in its entirety.