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Expected Pairing Revisions and PBS

We expect a large number of pairings to be revised for the April block month in the wake of the recent announcement on the B737 MAX aircraft. The Company has announced that this will result in a number of schedule changes which will, of course, trigger changes in the pairings just published for April. The affected pairings will be available in PBS by, latest, Monday March 18, 2019 at 08:00h and in the meantime bidding is open.
The impact will be more than pairings with the B737 MAX as there will likely be other schedule changes affecting other pairings and even destinations that are not part of the grounding including Rouge. For now, it is recommended that you bid for destination (Landings / Layover) and/or other pairing attributes vs pairing number.
While there is no official date as to when the ban will be lifted it may be possible that there will be B737 MAX aircraft in April pairings. If this is the case, then you may use PBS to bid for or avoid the aircraft as any other. Using, for example, “Avoid Pairings If Any Aircraft Type 737” avoids pairings where any of the aircraft operated is on the B737 MAX. Note that this does not filter out pairings with a dead head on the 737.
Pairing revisions are a routine occurrence and it is always a good idea to check the information on the portal when bidding. Pairing revisions are loaded into PBS as they are done and a list of the affected pairings is published on the portal under:
In-Flight Service > Crew Scheduling & Planning > Block Bid Packages > Block Period (Month) > Base (your base).
In-Flight Service > Crew Planning & Scheduling > Monthly Bidding and Award Information > PBS Pairing Bid Package Info and Reports > Block Period (Month) > Base (your base).