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Flash – A Dark Reflection

A new investigative thriller feature film (think Erin Brockovitch) has been made by film director Tristan Loraine (former British Airways pilot and film producer who brought us the documentary “Welcome Aboard Toxic Airlines”).  He is in the final production stages of the movie and still in need of some funding to finalize the production in time for the Cannes 2014 film festival.

Please visit the link below for a sneak peak of the film:
The film details a fictional event however, it outlines the very real issue of engine oils and other possible contaminants entering into the aircraft bleed air system contaminating the cabin breathing air.  It shows the potential effect on the safety of flight from this very real concern of contaminated cabin air.
This film could be instrumental in getting the message about contaminated aircraft air out to the public. 
We want clean air onboard all planes!
If you would consider making a donation or providing funding (every bit counts), please go to the following link:
Thank you.