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Foreign Objects Found in Ovens

There has been an increase in reports of foreign objects found in ovens (FOD). In the latest inflight news on November 4, 2022, crews were notified of this increased hazard in our workplace and then reminded to follow sections 2.10.2 and of the FAM, which address pre-flight checks. The instructions continue with procedures to follow if FOD is discovered. We know you are already doing this because that is how the increase in statics was noticed by management! We must point out though, that based on reports submitted by you, it appears many of the foreign objects originate from catering contractors – not crew as implied in the IFS News.

We are calling on management to share with committees in an open and transparent manner what is being done to address the hazard. This has gone on too long despite your committee reps repeatedly raising the alarm for months and getting no answers. Our pre-flight checks can only detect so much. Cabin crews and their verifications aren’t the only layer of protection when it comes to oven incidents. It is incumbent on all personnel, including contracted parties, to adhere to the same rigorous standards. For example, if objects are stuck to the bottom of dishes or under oven sleeves this is a failure of catering contractors to ensure safety. If deficiencies are noticed, they must be assessed, solutions implemented, and follow-up conducted to ensure the hazard has been mitigated. These objects must be stopped at their source!

What can we do about it?

Please send a copy of every report related to foreign objects found in ovens to your union at

In solidarity,

Your Air Canada Component of CUPE Health and Safety Committee