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Goodlife discount program

We are pleased to announce that we have recently renewed our GoodLife corporate program at the same rate.  CUPE airline employees, including new members and existing members, can access registration online. As soon as an individual enrolls in a GoodLife membership he/she will immediately appear as active in the system.
GoodLife has made some beneficial changes to the online registration program.   It now begins with the creation of a new My GoodLifeaccount.  This allows the member to avoid re-authentication with each subsequent visit to the site. It will also allow the member to update any personal information online in real-time.  Members will have access to view all of their account details without having to depend on calls into our Member Experience line.
The annual Corporate Membership rate is $399.00 plus applicable taxes, per member, per year. The bi-weekly payment will be $19.19 plus tax.
To register, you will require a “Unique Identifier”, which consists of your two letter airline code and your airline employee number.
The airline codes are as follows:
Air Canada                AC
Air Transat                TS
Calm Air                    MO
Canadian North          5T
Cathay Pacific            CX
First Air                     7F
Rouge                       RV
Sunwing                    WG
For example:  Air Canada employees would enter AC and your six-digit employee number.
Please read the Frequently Asked Questions below for answers on how to join online and then consult the attached User Workflow document for additional log in information.
How do I access the online Corporate Membership Program registration tool?
Please use the following link for registration and click on where your primary workout location will be.   On the next page in the Company / Organization box, enter Air Canada Component of CUPE.  PLEASE NOTE: Regardless of which airline you work for, everyone must select “Air Canada Component of CUPE”.
What is my unique identifier?
The “unique identifier” you need to access the online registration tool consists of your two letter airline code (see chart above) and your airline employee number. If you are unable to register with your unique identifier please email  For all other technical issues please contact the GoodLife Member Experience Team toll-free at 1-800-287-4631.  For questions about the program please
How do I register for or renew a Corporate Membership?
Visit and enter your unique login information. The enrolment process will take approximately 10 to 15 minutes to complete. Have your payment information, Unique ID number and your existing GoodLife Membership number or key tag barcode (if applicable) readily available. If you also wish to enroll up to four family members, have their information available before you begin the registration process. GoodLife will send you a copy of your membership agreement electronically after you’ve completed the online registration process.
Are my family Members eligible for this offer?
Employees will have the ability to add up to a maximum of 4 family members as per current guidelines. Eligible family members include your spouse, extended family at or over the age of majority, child(ren) or any minor under your guardianship, as long as they are 12 years-of-age or older.
You must register yourself into the GoodLife Fitness Corporate Program before you can register your family members. All payments for family member Corporate Memberships – including any added amenities (such as lockers, Hot Yoga, etc.) – will be withdrawn from your bank account.
PLEASE NOTE: The new system has much greater traceability than our last, and an employee must be on the corporate plan to add family members.
Are existing GoodLife Fitness non-corporate members eligible for this offer?
Yes. If you are transferring into this Corporate Membership Program, GoodLife will waive the $99 membership buyout fee. You will need to register for the new Corporate Membership offer online and complete the appropriate section with your existing membership details (your existing membership number or key tag barcode number so that we can automatically update your membership with your new corporate rate). Within 10 business days, your payment details will be sent to you in separate emails for your membership and any family memberships you register. Please continue to use your existing membership key tags.
Will my current bank payments immediately stop when I enroll for this Corporate Membership Program?
No, your payment information will be updated to the new corporate rate automatically and will be withdrawn on your current payment schedule through the bank account information you provided previously. This will take ten business days to process. If you see more than one payment withdrawn at the old (non-Corporate) rate, please or 1-800-287-4631.
What are my payment options for this Corporate Membership Program?

  • I am a New GoodLife Member…Payment is through a pre-authorized bi-weekly deduction from your personal bank account, or you may select to pay up-front-in-full by credit card.
  • I am an existing GoodLife Member…You may continue to pay through a pre-authorized deduction from your personal bank account and we will match your current payment schedule with the updated rate or you may choose to pay in full via credit card.

Is there a minimum age to join GoodLife Fitness? 
The minimum age to join GoodLife is 12-years-old. We require a parent or legal guardian to sign for anyone under the age of majority in each province. In addition, all members under the age of 18 are required to complete a series of Orientations called a Youth Passport in order to help familiarize themselves and get comfortable in the Club. This is available at no additional cost. To get started with the Youth Passport, please request an appointment at any GoodLife Club.
Can I go to any GoodLife location with my Corporate Membership? 
Your Corporate Membership gives you access to all 280+ GoodLife Fitness Clubs across the country, including the 50+ Énergie Cardio Clubs in Quebec.
Is Towel Service included in my Corporate Membership? 
Yes. Towel Service is included in your membership, however not every GoodLife location offers Towel Service. Please ask a friendly Associate at your Club if they offer Towel Service.
Is Squash included? 
We do have locations that offer Squash. Please for more information on these locations.
Is Personal Training available? And is it included with my Corporate Membership? GoodLife Fitness offers Personal Training at an additional cost to your Membership. Please speak with an Associate at the Club(s) for details.
Can I add Hot Yoga or other paid services to my Corporate Membership? 
Yes you can! These services cannot be added through the online Corporate Membership tool or Corporate Wellness Office, however are instead added and processed directly at the Club. As the Primary Member, you will be responsible for any additional amenities and services – such as Hot Yoga, lockers, etc. – that are added to your membership. Any family members you have registered under the Corporate Program must be present when these types of services are being added to their membership under the Corporate Program. Please visit for a list of our Hot Yoga locations.
Can I put my Membership on hold or freeze it?
Members will continue to have the ability to hold their pre-authorized payment membership for the required bi-weekly freeze fee.  There are no Holds or Freezes on the Paid-in-Full memberships, and these will only be granted in extreme, extenuating circumstances. These need to be approved by a member of the corporate team. Please contact Member Experience or 1-800-287-4631 for information about this process.
What happens to my Membership if my company no longer offers this Corporate Program?
In the event that your company no longer offers this program, or if you are no longer eligible to participate, GoodLife Fitness will automatically update all Memberships associated with your account to a no-commitment preferred rate of $25.00 per Membership, payable bi-weekly plus taxes. Any amenities that were added onto each Membership will continue at their regular rates. You can cancel or inquire with our Member Experience Team (1-800-287-4631) about other Membership options that are available at any time without a buyout fee. This no-commitment preferred rate does not include Towels; please visit a Club if you want to add Towels onto this Membership.
What happens to my Membership after one year?
Your Corporate Membership will continue to be paid by pre-authorized payments on your current payment schedule for as long as you are eligible under the Program terms or until you choose to cancel. There will be no renewal action required. If you have selected a Paid-In-Full Membership you will need to renew through the online link prior to expiry to avoid service interruption.
Who can I contact if I experience technical issues with the online tool?
If you are experiencing technical issues with the site and are unable to complete your Membership registration, please contact the GoodLife Member Experience Team toll-free at 1-800-287-4631.
I have specific questions about this Program. Who should I contact?
Please contact or 1-800-287-4631.
To view a “tutorial” from GoodLife on the new registration process, Please click, “HERE