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GoodLife Fitness

Dear members,

As many of you know, in the past few weeks we have successfully negotiated an agreement with the Corporate Wellness department at GoodLife Fitness. This deal, which provides a substantial discount to Air Canada flight attendants wanting to become members at the GoodLife network of health facilities across Canada (and Énergie Cardio facilities in Quebec), including the brand new GoodLife gym at Toronto Pearson Airport, was conditional on obtaining at least 100 new members from our community.

We’re thrilled to report that 602 members participated in the GoodLife poll we circulated in the past few weeks, and of those interested parties, 427 would represent brand new members, not even taking into account eligible family members also wanting to join GoodLife. This is a much higher number than the minimum requirement, so we are now fully eligible for GoodLife’s Corporate Wellness program at the discounted rate of $350 per year per member (plus applicable taxes). Participating members will have access to GoodLife’s entire network of Canadian health facilities (including Énergie Cardio in Quebec) at a 55% discount from their regular membership fee. This promotion also includes towel service (except for Energie Cardio facilities, see below), and carries no registration fee. This is an annual plan that will run from January 1, 2014 to December 31, 2014.

Given that this is a corporate program, the entire non-refundable annual membership fee must be paid in full by each member directly to the Air Canada Component of CUPE by December 12, 2013 (except for Quebec residents who will primarily be using Énergie Cardio facilities – see below for more information). We will then issue a payment for all members directly to GoodLife (part of the reason we get such a discount is because they get paid in full from the get-go, and don’t have to administer hundreds of payments). Please follow the procedures outlined below if you’re interested in participating in this plan:

· If you’re NOT currently a member of GoodLife Health, please fill in the attached Corporate Wellness Application Form, include your payment of $350 plus applicable taxes (see tax chart below), and send us your form and payment no later than December 12, 2013 to:
· If you currently ARE a member of GoodLife Health (or Énergie Cardio in Québec) and would like to cancel your current membership to transfer over to the corporate plan, please fill out the attached
Personal Membership Cancellation Form for Transfer to Corporate Membership Program, along with the Corporate Wellness Application Form. Send us your full payment of $350 (plus applicable taxes) no later than December 12, 2013. GoodLife Health or Énergie Cardio will cancel your existing membership and payment plan and include you as a new member of the Corporate Membership Plan. Please take note that once your transfer has been processed, as of January 1, 2014, when you first use a GoodLife / Énergie Cardio Facility, your old membership keycard will no longer work. You will be given a new keycard upon your first visit of a GoodLife / Énergie Cardio facility.
· If you are a resident of Québec and will primarily be using Energy Cardio facilities, the procedures are somewhat different. We ask that you send us the attached
Corporate Wellness Application Form no later than December 12, 2013, but do not send us any payment at this time. Once GoodLife has processed your application, you will be sent an Énergie Cardio Membership Form (also valid for existing members of Énergie Cardio who wish to transfer to the corporate plan). Upon your first visit of an Énergie Cardio facility in 2014, you will need to present this form, and will be given the option to pay for your membership in bi-weekly, monthly, or annual payments – the price for all will still be equivalent to $350 per year, plus applicable taxes. Please take note that for Énergie Cardio facilities, towel service is not included, and all members MUST have a towel with them at all times when using the facilities; you can either bring your own towel or purchase one on site. As per the GoodLife corporate deal, there will be no registration fee upon activation of your membership.
· Eligible family members can also take advantage of this corporate membership, but only if you (the employee) are also an existing or new member of the GoodLife Corporate Wellness plan. Eligible family members must live at the same household address as the employee. If your eligible family members also want to join this plan, please follow the above instructions and send us their Corporate Wellness Application Form and payment (except for Énergie Cardio members) along with your own. Please note that applicants younger than 17 have special provisions – please consult the attached document
GL Minimum Age Policy.
· Once we have received your application form and payment, we will send you an email confirmation. Your corporate membership application information will be entered in the GoodLife member database.  Please take a moment to review the attached
Welcome Letter and what to bring with you on your first visit.  On January 1, 2014, please visit the GoodLife club of your choice to receive your key tag/membership card once you have submitted a completed Registration Form (available at the club).
· If you’d like a receipt of your payment from GoodLife Health, please use the following link:
– Ontario, New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Labrador: $395.50
– Nova Scotia: $402.50
– Saskatchewan, Manitoba, British Columbia, Alberta: $367.50
– Québec: $402.41 (payment to be done directly at the Energie Cardio facilities)


ATT: GoodLife Membership
Air Canada Component of CUPE
25 Belfield Road
Etobicoke, ON
M9W 1E8

PLEASE TAKE NOTE: Registration for this membership will only be available twice per year; the next registration offering will be for June 1, 2014. If you’d like to participate in the current offering the current offering, which will be active as of January 1, 2014, please make sure to send us your application form and full payment (*except for Quebec participants) as per the above instructions no later than December 12, 2013.
If you have any further questions, please contact GoodLife at 1-800-597-1348.

In solidarity,

Michel Cournoyer
President, Air Canada Component of CUPE
Chairperson, Council of Component Presidents