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Ground Duty Credits

(This bulletin is relevant to MAINLINE MEMBERS ONLY)

For those of you who are operating flights during these times we are certain that you have seen the increase in protocols around the world relating to COVID-19.  There have been reported increases in the time required for passenger deplaning/processing and COVID testing, among other things.  We thought it would be wise to remind crew members that if you are required to remain on duty past the anticipated termination of the duty period that you are entitled to claim post ground duty credits as per Article 5.08.

Policy grievance CHQ-20-12, Post Duty Ground Credit, has been filed in relation to this for COVID testing upon arrival in Hong Kong  Please click HERE to view the grievance form.

The Union is advising you that in any instance in which you are required to remain on duty past the termination of your duty period that you have a right to file a ground duty claim for this unpaid time.  This form must be completed and signed by the Service Director. (Click HERE to access the claim form).

NOTE: All claims for ground duty after a flight, once signed by the Service Director, must also be approved by local base management.

For our Mainline members, Article 5.08 is clear:

5.08 GROUND DUTY – PRE/POST PERIOD – Where an employee is required to report for duty prior to or remain on duty following the termination of a Duty Period under Article B5.03, s/he shall be paid at one-half (½) of the hourly rate of pay for his/her classification applicable to the duty period involved.

The ground duty period should commence 15 minutes post arrival and if there is required testing it would be calculated up to the time the last person has cleared the COVID-19 testing facility. We do not believe that this time should be given for free by our members and we encourage the filing of these claims.

If the claim is denied, please submit all information to your Local Union officers so that they can investigate. Please always make sure to retain a copy for you and your crew’s records.

In solidarity,

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