days until our Collective Agreement expires, we are preparing, we are united and we will make change.

Happy Labour Day!

This Labour Day we would like to take the time to reflect on how far we have come in the past year. The trials and tribulations that our members have faced cannot be understated.

Employment insecurity, health and safety concerns, constantly adapting to the ever-changing workplace and personal challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic and so much more.  We are sure that each and every one of our members have a story to tell about how this has affected them.

These struggles are unique to be sure, but we do not have to look far to see that our brothers and sisters working shoulder to shoulder with us are united in the same struggle.  We will get through this together.  Canada and its workers have a long history of struggling against difficult working conditions and so too do we have a history of prevailing over injustice.

We raise our hats to all workers on the frontlines of the battle against COVID-19. Whether they be migrant workers, nurses, doctors, long term care workers, police, paramedics, grocery clerks and so many more to mention, we will remember their contributions.

On this very important day we want you to know that we hear you, we hear your struggles, and we will find the way through this using all of the resources available to us. We look forward to the day when COVID-19 is a word from the past.

In solidarity,