days until our Collective Agreement expires, we are preparing, we are united and we will make change.

Honoring Black History and Becoming Inclusive Allies

As we continue our commitment to diversity and inclusion, celebrating Black History Month is a chance to deepen our understanding and become inclusive allies.

Understanding Black History Month:
Black History Month in Canada honours the achievements and experiences of Black Canadians. It’s a time to recognize their heritage and contributions to our nation.

The Role of an Ally:
Being an ally is about actively supporting and advocating for marginalized groups, including our Black colleagues. Here’s how we can become effective allies:

1. Educate Ourselves: Begin by exploring the history and struggles faced by Black Canadians. Understanding the past is key to appreciating the present and working towards a better future. Learn about the history and challenges they faced to better understand their contributions.

  • Canadian Book Recommendation: To further your understanding, we recommend “The Skin We’re In” by Desmond Cole, both a book and an award-winning documentary. Cole’s writing immerses readers in the experiences of Black Canadians, offering a deep understanding of the challenges they face. The documentary takes this message further, visually and emotionally, through compelling interviews and storytelling.

2. Listen and Empathize: Actively listen to and empathize with the experiences of Black colleagues. Validate their experiences.

3. Speak Up: Challenge discrimination and bias when you witness it. Foster a safe space for open dialogue.

4. Amplify Voices: Support and encourage Black colleagues to share their stories and insights. Ensure their voices are heard.

Thank you for your dedication to diversity and inclusion within the Air Canada family.

In solidarity,

Olivier Faucher-Boisjoli
Co-Chair, Diversity & Inclusion Committee