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Hotel Committee Update – Summer 2024

As we enter into the busy summer 2024 flying season, the Hotel Committee would like to bring awareness to some of the topics that our members have raised with us. We would also like to welcome all our new hires to Air Canada and Air Canada Rouge.

This is a valuable tool and is the Union’s official channel for bringing concerns forward to the company for additional follow-up when required. It can be found as follows:

Air Canada Mainline: Air Canada portal in Globe under Crew Scheduling & Planning.

Air Canada Rouge: ACaeronet – click “Rouge” tab – under In-Flight Service – Manuals-Forms – CrewCare.

These reports are monitored daily and provide valuable information to the Union and the company as well as our many Hotel and Ground Transportation vendors. Once a member has started a file, the Hotel or Transport provider will provide a response, via your Air Canada e-mail account. We ask that you please be factual and polite when describing your issues, as these reports are monitored by the company. For any minor issues you encounter during your layover, they should be brought forward to the hotel staff at check in or during check-out.  If it is not resolved, you can follow up through a crew care report.

We now have access to the Crewcare app, which can be downloaded onto your smartphone and will allow easy access to file your reports.

It is always important to utilize all of your locking mechanisms on your door, to ensure you are safe, once inside your room. Guestroom doors should be self-closing, but always take a moment once you exit your room to ensure that the door is fully locked behind you. Many of our partner hotels have card key access installed in elevators for guest safety. Please do not allow anyone without a room key access to the elevators. In the case you feel unsafe, request that front desk staff have someone available to escort you to your room.

Onboard the aircraft, we have an expectation of our passengers to treat the crew with respect, please remember to extend the same treatment to Hotel/Front desk staff. We have seen an increase in many of our hotel partners reaching out to report crew members behavior to the company. Generally, rooms are pre-booked, however in the case you would like to change your room, please wait until other colleagues have their keys and then a request to move, if possible, can be made.

Split Crews
Globally we are in a position where demand for hotel rooms exceeds supply. This is especially true in many of the more popular European destinations like London and Rome. We currently have stations where marketing has added additional flights once a contract has been signed with the hotel / transportation supplier, this has added a challenge in securing additional rooms. In all cases our contracted vendor is approached to take the extra inventory, however when this cannot be done, we have been asked to split the crew between two or more hotels. The Union has done its best to ensure that both hotels are of the same quality, and that a suitable, alternate location has been determined.

Ground Transportation
The Union and the company endeavor to use the safest and quickest methods to deliver you to your layover accommodation to ensure your crew rest is maximized. Vehicles should be clean, smoke free and drivers should demonstrate safe driving skills i.e. obeying posted speed signs, no additional stops. All vehicles should have seat belts that are well anchored, not ripped or frayed in order to best protect the crew. We remind all of you to always wear your seatbelt, this is for your own safety and the safety of the other members in the vehicle. Any issues related to unsafe cars, vans, limos, buses and or chauffeurs should be reported using crew care.

The Union was advised that due to increased security measures as well as lengthy travel times to and from the city center, that corporate security recommended a displacement for the period covering the summer Olympics. We agreed to the re-location and participated in the process for securing alternate accommodation, that had many of the amenities that are preferred by our crew members within walking distance. Public transportation to and from the city will be covered by the company, please keep and submit all receipts for reimbursement.  Please refer to the Company issued bulletin for additional details.

Crew Sign in sheet
As you are aware, the Hotel sign-in sheets have not been in seniority order, and we have been working with the company to fix the issue.  We are pleased to report we should have the issue fixed in the foreseeable future.

Per diems
We do realize that costs have gone up significantly everywhere. It is important to know that our allowances are covered by the Collective Agreement. There is a formula used to determine the meal allowances. It uses a combination of published NJC rates, CPI for food and non-alcoholic beverages as well as local exchange rates. The outcome of the formula has to be greater/less than 5% for the allowance to either increase or in some scenarios decrease.

The energy crisis and new greenhouse gas reduction targets have forced governments in some European countries to introduce new laws. For the move forward you may find that many of our partner hotels will limit both heating and air conditioning temperatures. Each country is adapting its own temperature guidelines.  In the case that you are unable to adjust the heating or cooling system in your room, please contact Hotel staff for help to ensure your room is comfortable.

Wishing everyone a safe and happy summer of flying.  Please feel free to contact us at

In Solidarity,

Melinda Allen & Karen Pritchard
Co-Chairs, Component Hotel Committee

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