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Hotel Committee

The mandate of the Hotel Committee is to ensure that you are both safe and comfortable while on layover.

Your CUPE Hotel Committee is comprised of a Component Hotel Chairperson, Vice-Chairperson, and currently nine Local Hotel Representatives spread across the YVR, YYC, YUL, and YYZ bases.

Periodically, when Air Canada flies to a new destination or a hotel contract expires, a “contract” goes out for bid and hotels that are interested in housing crew will respond.  Once the Company receives these “bids”, site inspections are scheduled in order to establish a layover property.  These inspections are attended by Air Canada Strategic Purchasing, CUPE and ACPA.  The Hotel Committee Chairperson will select a Local Hotel Representative to perform the hotel inspections, which will be completed according to specific safety and security criteria.  Some of the criteria that the Hotel Representative will be looking for is to ensure that essential requirements, such as non-smoking rooms, rooms away from vending machines and work closets, and rooms that are not on the first floor, can be met.   Once all of the site inspections are finished, the Hotel Representative compiles a list of which properties are deemed acceptable, ranking in order of preference, and provides this along with a comprehensive report on each property to both the Hotel Committee Chairperson and the Component President.

Though Air Canada Strategic Purchasing makes the final decision on the hotel selection process, contractually, they are required to consult with the Union and respect CUPE’s ranking of properties when making a final selection.

Once a hotel is selected, your feedback is essential in ensuring that our rights to safe and comfortable accommodations are upheld.  Should you have an issue with either a layover property or the transportation provided when on layover, please submit a hotel and transportation report.  While the reporting system has changed to CrewCare, you can still access the form on the portal through Globe by clicking on: Globe > Tools and References > Crew Scheduling and Planning > CrewCare.

The report will be submitted to the Company and a copy forwarded to the Hotel Committee Chairperson.  The Company is then responsible for ensuring that each complaint is addressed with the hotel or transportation company involved and that every Member receives a response.  The Component Hotel Committee Chairperson tracks these reports to ensure that the Company performs the appropriate follow up.

Should you have any questions or comments about the Hotel Committee, please feel free to contact us at

Committee members

Melinda Allen
Karen Pritchard

YVR Reps
Daniel Dudar
Reagan Goulding

YYC Reps
Janice Patience
Beth Valenzuela

YYZ Reps
Francesca Di Iulio
Maya Heble
Iris Oren
Chandra Wang

YUL Reps
Sandra Jodoin-Battaglieri
Marie Chantale Labreche
Sophie Legault

Rouge Reps
Kimberly Vasconcelos Duarte
Joanne Rowe
Jaquelyn Saracuse