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IMMS Leaves

(This applies to Mainline only)

We are writing to members to remind them of something called an IMMS leave. IMMS is an acronym which represents the Inability to Meet Medical Standards. This leave gives you the right to time off for an illness or injury. Article 16.05 of the Collective Agreement provides that, “where due to incapacity resulting from sickness or injury an employee is on a leave of absence, s/he shall maintain and accrue seniority for three years”.

Members are eligible for an IMMS leave if they are unable to meet medical standards to perform flight duties, i.e. are not fit to fly due to sickness or injury and have exhausted or do not qualify for paid sick leave, wage indemnity program (WIP) payments, workers’ compensation, and/or other disability benefits and there is a reasonable expectation that you will return to flight duties at some point. It is our belief that members who meet the eligibility criteria have the right to take an IMMS leave for three years but can attempt to perform accommodated ground duties if they prefer.

If you are unable to meet medical standards, have exhausted your other options such as WIP, WSIB/CNESST, etc. and are still not fit to fly, please speak to your local office who can guide you through the IMMS process. You have a right to this leave and would like to ensure that you are well informed of how it works and how to apply.

In solidarity,

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