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Important deadline reminders when applying for WIP, LOAS and Reduced blocks

The first day of the elimination period for a regular block holder begins on the day the first flight is missed due to total disability, and for a reserve block holder it begins on the first reserve day missed due to total disability. For special assignments and Union duty from the first day missed due to total disability.

You must see a medical practitioner within 14 days of your first flight missed or first reserve day missed, first day of special assignment missed or first day of Union duties missed in order to qualify for benefits commencing on the 8th day of your disability.

Benefits will be payable from the 8th consecutive day you are totally disabled.

It is your responsibility to submit proof of disability within:

– 30 days. All Weekly Indemnity claims must be submitted within 30 days of your first flight missed, first reserve day missed, if on reserve, first day missed if on special assignment or first day missed if on Union duties regardless of whether you have also filed a Worker’s Compensation claim. Failure to file a Weekly Indemnity claim will jeopardize your entitlement to these benefits in the event that your Workers’ Compensation claim is refused or terminated.

30 days of the termination of your disability benefits under the Employment Insurance Act of Canada (SICK INSURANCE) in order to reinstate your claim under this Wage Indemnity Plan

30 days of the recurrence of a disability.

*Definition recurrent disability
If you return to active work on a full-time basis following a period of total disability for which benefits were payable and, within 31 days, again become totally disabled due to the same causes, you will be considered to have been continuously disabled for the purposes of the elimination period. If the subsequent disability is due to entirely different causes and separated by less than one full day during which you are actively at work, you will be considered to have been continuously disabled for the purposes of the elimination period.

If you submit proof of disability after 30 days, it will not be processed unless you can show sufficient reasons in writing for not applying earlier.

LEAVES OF ABSENCE 16 or more days
You will not be eligible for benefit consideration for a total disability commencing during a leave of absence, layoff or suspension unless you have elected to keep your coverage in force during the leave of absence, layoff or suspension. No prepayment of premiums is required when you are absent from work due to vacation or a personal leave of absence of 15 calendar days or less.

If you are on vacation and become disabled, the 7-day elimination period commences following the date first not available for work at the completion of your vacation.

If your leave of absence of 16 or more calendar days precedes your vacation and you have not prepaid the premium for that leave of absence in accordance with the Continuation of Coverage During Absence From Work section, coverage will not be reinstated until you return to active work. No prepayment of premiums is required when you are absent from work due to vacation.

To ensure continued coverage for up to 24 months (6 months during a lay-off), you must make the first required premium payment within 30 days from the commencement of the leave of absence. The date payment is received by MANION will determine your on time payment.

1. LOA  commences on the 1st of Oct for the OCT block month, you must make arrangement to prepay by Oct 30th to ensure that you have coverage should you book off after the end of leave Nov 1st.

2. LOA day of flight on the 1st of Oct  then another LOA day of flight on the 9th no flying in between and vacation commences  Oct 19th thru to Oct 31st. You must make arrangement to  prepaid for the LOA by Oct 30th to be eligible to apply for WIP after the vacation period Nov 1st.

For members who are participating in the Reduced Block Program who wish to Top-Up their earnings in the event that they are unable to return to full duties at the end of the RBP due to an unforeseen disability, please contact Manion Contact Center for applicable rates at 1-866-532-8999. This must be done within 30 days of the commencement of the RBP.

Members participating in the Reduced Block Program have the option to top-up their Wage Indemnity Plan (WIP) insurable earnings at a flat rate of 35 hours per month in the event that you become disabled during the RBP. This will ensure that the month following the conclusion of your RBP, if you continue to be disabled, your top-up would then take effect and your earnings would be calculated using the following example:

Book off – Jan 2024 – earnings based on October 2023 / November 2023 /  December 2023 flying pay.
Oct flying hours – 38
Nov flying hours – 36
Dec flying hours – 34

For the 3 months, October, November and December, your 3 month average flying hours would be equal to 36 hours. You would be paid 36 hours through to the termination of your RBP in 2024, inclusive as long as you continue to meet the definition of totally disabled from your own occupation as a Flight Attendant. If you remain disabled and continue to qualify for benefits beyond the termination of the RBP, and if you opted to top-up, based on the calculation below, your disability payments would go from 36 hours to 71 hours per month.

The top-up for the RBP is 35 hours, and is based on your hourly rate x 3.80% plus the Employer’s cost of 1.07% as well as applicable taxes.

If you have inquiries do not hesitate to reach out.

On Behalf of The Board of Trust,

Patricia Eberley
Administrative Consultant

NOTE:  All Policy Booklet information can be accessed on the Air Canada Component of CUPE web site

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