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Important Information on Application to WIP/Compensation Claims, Applying For Continuation Of Coverage & Reduced Blocks

Manion is seeing increased numbers of members applying late to plan for a variety of reasons. Please see the policy guidelines (CLICK HERE) to ensure that you will NOT have your claim denied due to contractual reasons.

The Board of Trust would like to remind members that it is essential when you file for Workers Compensation that you also file for WIP (WAGE INDEMNITY PLAN) in-case your compensation claim is denied.

30 days to apply.

14 days from First flight missed or reserve day to see a DR while you are ill/injured or exhibiting symptoms.

Workers compensation claims and Wage Indemnity
If your disability arose out of, or in the course of your employment, you MUST apply for Workers’ Compensation (C.S.S.T. in Quebec). However, you must also apply for Weekly Indemnity benefits in the interim. All Weekly Indemnity claims must be submitted within 30 days of your first flight missed or first reserve day missed, if on reserve, regardless of whether you have also filed a Worker’s Compensation claim. Failure to file a Weekly Indemnity claim will jeopardize your entitlement to these benefits in the event that your Workers’ Compensation claim is refused or terminated. Weekly Indemnity benefits will be payable only for a maximum of 120 days from the date of disability while a decision is pending from Workers’ Compensation. Please contact your Regional Office for more information if you are applying for Workers’ Compensation benefits.

Applying for Benefits – Time Limits
Your claim will be processed when the claimant’s statement, the employer’s statement and the physician’s statement have all been received. You should therefore follow up with your employer and your physician to ensure the forms are completed in a timely manner and avoid delay of benefits due to late submission.

It is your responsibility to submit proof of disability within:
(a) 30 days of your first flight missed or first reserve day missed, if on reserve;
(b) 30 days of the termination of your disability benefits under the Employment Insurance Act of Canada in order to reinstate your claim under this Wage Indemnity Plan; and
(c) 30 days of the recurrence of a disability.


Continuation of Coverage
Prepayment of premiums is not required for an absence from the payroll of 15 calendar days or less. Prepayment of premiums is required for an absence from the payroll of 16 or more calendar days for one of the following reasons. You must prepay the required premium in full within 30 days in order to be eligible for benefit consideration following the end of any of these periods:
– Leave of absence granted (such as personal, educational, maternity, child care, bereavement, or jury duty) other than inability to meet medical standards (IMMS): your coverage may be continued for a maximum duration of up to 24 months.
– If you have elected to keep your coverage in force and you become totally disabled during the 24-month period, the elimination period will commence on the date you are scheduled to return to work.

*Please be aware that requested release from pairing to pairing is an personal LOA and can go beyond the 15 days!

To ensure continued coverage for up to 24 months (6 months during a lay-off), you must make the first required premium payment within 30 days from the commencement of the leave of absence. The date payment is received by MANION will determine your on time payment.

For more information regarding prepayment of premiums or to make arrangements for prepayment of premiums, please contact MANION by phone at 416-234-3511 or toll free at 1-866-532-8999.

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