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International Flight Attendant Day 2023

The 9th Annual International Flight Attendant Day on May 31st is fast upon us.  On this special day we want to take the time and recognize our outstanding membership. To those of you who work from 0 dark thirty onwards, who stay until that last passenger has left and who are called upon to fix and resolve any and every situation imaginable. Across this great country and circumnavigating the globe, our members pass through countless time zones and show up prepared and ready to take on whatever the flight holds.

We honour you and your commitment to safety, security, and the overall wellbeing of each passenger.  To quantify exactly how many passengers, you take care of here are a few statistics:

Air Canada carried more passengers each year for the last decade, reaching a record of 51.54 million in 2019. This number was 13.2 million in 2021 and seems only set to rise as we move out of the global pandemic and beyond. This year is a special one for us and marks the beginning of the road to our future.  We want you to reflect on May 31st about all the hard work and sacrifices that you have each made for our profession. This includes an appreciation for your colleagues at home and abroad. Together we make the world of aviation a safer and more secure place.

As a small gesture of our appreciation, we are holding a draw for our members. We have a select number of Nayad 40-ounce Stainless Steel Double wall TRAVELER bottles with the Air Canada Component of CUPE logo proudly displayed.

We encourage all members to participate. You can enter to win here:

We truly believe that our members are our superpower. In that spirit we ask that leading up to May 31st we acknowledge each other and our great accomplishments. Whether you are on layover or just taking a break we ask that you send us your photos and stories.  We will then post them on social media on May 31st so that we can all celebrate together.  After our recent kick off of the campaign, we would love to see your photos from the event, as well as your crew photos wearing your Union Pins in solidarity.  We have seen so much engagement and have so much more planned!

Thanks to all members for your participation and celebrating with us on this very special day.

In solidarity,