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Introducing Sentio by Homewood Health

Sentio Self-Directed iCBT is the market’s most comprehensive digital cognitive behavioural therapy platform – developed for Canadians by Homewood’s mental health experts. With a wealth of content created by a team of our experienced clinical professionals, Sentio contains over 20 unique treatment goals for issues like stress management, improving sleep, managing depressive thoughts, and coping with panic – as well as a collection of tools and resources to help members build skills and change their thought patterns. iCBT has been proven to be an effective therapy for mild to moderate depression, anxiety and other mental health issues. Sentio by Homewood Health makes it more convenient and effective than ever before – available as a standalone app, on mobile, tablet and desktop.

Sentio introduces a number of unique, market-leading features:
• Over 20 unique treatment goals such as stress management, managing depressive thoughts, improving sleep and coping with panic.
• Members can work through treatment goals in any order, at their own pace.
• Integrated symptom measurement and progress tracking.
• Interactive multimedia learning and cognitive exercises to enhance learning.
• Progress, learnings, and exercises that have been accessed are available to be re-accessed for 12 months.

As part of Homewood Pathfinder, you will have access to Sentio as of September 19th, through, Homewood Pathfinder and on the Apple and Google Play stores.

Sentio Self-Directed iCBT is part of a new employee assistance and mental health platform that combines multiple levels of support with leading-edge technology and Homewood’s mental health expertise.

See below for a Sentio information kit.
Sentio Information Kit