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Layoff Update

The following information is designed to assist you in navigating the policies that govern the layoffs that some of our members will face. Full details were included in your layoff notice. If you have any questions about the policies, we encourage you to reach out to the employer for clarity. Over the week many of you have written in with questions and we have done our best to compile some of the most asked questions below:

If I am laid off on January 31, 2021, what happens to my benefits?
If you elect not to maintain your Basic Group Life benefit, coverage will terminate on the last day of the month in which you are placed on layoff status.  If you are placed on layoff status, you will be given the option of maintaining your benefit coverage for a period of twelve (12) months, provided that you pre-pay the required premiums.  Please check your Air Canada e-mail for more information.  We are aware that the Benefit Status Advise has not yet been received, we have advised Air Canada / Air Canada Rouge and they have advised it will be received between the 25th – 28th of January 2021.  Please ensure you check your Air Canada email for this form.

Is there a requirement for the company to give me 14 days notice of layoff?
As per Article 17, there is no requirement for the employer to follow a 14-day layoff notice.

Do I continue to be a Union member while on layoff status?
Yes, you are still considered a member while you retain recall rights. You may participate in membership meetings and participate in any elections and/or referendums that take place while you are on layoff status.

Do I apply for EI Regular Benefits?
As you have been laid-off you should apply for EI Regular Benefits through Service Canada, which will initially be paid out as the CERB and then you will move to EI. More information can be found here or by contacting Service Canada:

Your ROE will be sent directly to Service Canada by the employer, but you should apply as of your layoff date.

Will I maintain access to Employee Assistance Program (EAP)?
Mainline members on layoff will maintain access to the Employee Assistance Program until April 30, 2021. This may be adjusted based on funding received from Air Canada.

What about my remaining vacation this year?
As Air Canada administers a current year vacation system (you take vacation in the year you earn it) some members may have outstanding vacation owed to them, while others may have taken vacation they have not yet earned. This will be reconciled after the end of the Vacation Year has come to a close, which is April 30, 2021.

Is there any way the base transfer requests list can be emptied before layoffs are complete?
Unfortunately, while members are on layoff, the company cannot action one-way transfers as any vacancies are to be filled by a recall.  Only mutual transfers can occur at this time.

Does this layoff affect my 5 years recall rights?
The Collective Agreement provides for a five-year recall in Article 17.20. Your recall rights to the five-year recall period will remain the same and will commence with this most recent layoff.

How does the recall process work?
The recall provision for both Mainline and Rouge members can be found at Article 17.16 of the Collective Agreement. Master Seniority will continue to govern recalls and you will be contacted for the first available position at either Mainline or Rouge that your seniority entitles you.  You are not forced to transfer between companies and can decline a recall if it is not to the point of layoff.

Recall notices will be sent by registered mail to the address on file with the Employer.

For Mainline members please provide any changes via the HR Connex Home Page under the section “Personal Information change” or contact the Employee Care Team at 1-833-847-EMPL (3675).

For Rouge members, please provide any changes to your personal information through Success Factors In addition, telephone contact numbers must be updated in CrewLink.

We encourage you to reference the layoff notice you received for any further questions regarding the layoff process.

Your Union will be monitoring the seniority lists for recalls, absences and anomalies and will ensure that the Collective Agreement is adhered to for all processes.  Please continue to reach out as needed.

In solidarity,

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