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Leaves of Absence May 2019

As you may know, Air Canada has offered Special and Personal Leaves of Absence and Reduced Blocks for the May 2019 block month. Bidding for the Special Leave of Absence program closes on April 4th, 2019 at 08:00 EDT and the Reduced Block Program and Personal Leave program bidding will close on April 5th, 2019 at 8:00 EDT. Please see the bulletin issued by the Company HERE.
These leaves are being offered in the following priority order :

  1. Special Leaves of Absence
  2. Reduced Block Program
  3. Personal Leaves May 21, 2019-June 1, 2019

A Special Leave is a leave offered by the Company which protects elements of your company service and seniority and with this leave Air Canada continues to pay the employer paid benefits such as medical and dental.  The full terms and conditions relating to a Special Leave can be found HERE.
The Reduced Block Program is governed by LOU 25 of the Collective Agreement.  This allows members to work a reduced amount of block hours.  The Collective Agreement language and information relating to the Pension implications of this program can be found HERE.
A Personal Leave of Absence is similar to a Special leave however your service is not protected, and you will have a Revised Service Date if the leave is greater than 30 days. In this case the personal leave being offered is less than 30 days so you will not have a revised service date.  The Terms and Conditions of this leave can be found HERE.
NOTE: Personal Leaves of Absence for both block holders and reserve block holders run straight through to the next duty day, causing a 2:10 reduction to MMG for each day.
To bid for these leaves please log into Aeronet. Find the Inflight Service tab, Crew Scheduling and Planning, eForms, Rbp PLOA May 2019. If you are considering any of these leaves, we suggest that you read the terms and conditions carefully so that you are aware of how they will affect your service, pension, privileges and benefits.   If you have any questions about applying for these leaves you can contact Crew Planning.  If you have concerns regarding any of the terms of these leaves or have unresolved issues relating to these leaves you can consult with your local officers. If you have questions about the pension implications of taking any of these leaves we encourage you to contact our Pension Committee at
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