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LifeSpeak’s ‘Getting Your House in Order’ on good habits (MAINLINE MEMBERS)

Remember all those inspirational wellness goals you set at the start of the year? Take some time to revisit them. It’s all too easy to set high goals during the hype and expectations of a new year, only to see them slip away once February hits.


In our final part of the Getting Your House in Order campaign, Maintaining your good habits, LifeSpeak experts focus on techniques to help you maintain health goals and habits. The campaign runs until May 16.


Remember, LifeSpeak’s “Watch, Learn & Win” contest is on too. Each week, watch the LifeSpeak campaign training videos, enter your name and email address in the Watch&Win form underneath the video player after each viewing, and you’ll be entered in a weekly draw for 2,500 Shine points. Enter as many times as you like to increase your chances of winning. Happy learning and good luck! This contest edition ends May 16.


Access the Getting Your House in Order campaign video vignettes by visiting ACaeronet > UBY > What’s New Section (or Mental Health Awareness section > LifeSpeak Getting Your House in Order Campaign.


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Thank you for participating in our Getting Your House in Order campaign. We hope the LifeSpeak experts’ tips and strategies have helped you see a path forward!


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