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Local 4095 Vice President Election – CANDIDATE UPDATE

Rebeca Woodward, who was previously running for one of the 3 Local 4095 Vice-President positions, has withdrawn from the election.
As a result, the three remaining candidates for the Local 4095 Vice-President positions: Constance Kuentzler, Daylen Mitansky and Nadine Perrin are now acclaimed.
Local 4095 now only requires an election for the Local President position.
The candidates running for the Local 4095 President position are:
Bergen Enemark
Kim Wentzell
The Air Canada Component of CUPE, Local 4095 Officers’ Election will commence at 09:00 EST on February 10, 2019, and close at 12:00 EST on February 24, 2019.
Reminder to ALL members:
Please, bear in mind that candidates are dues paying members and deserving of respect. Everyone has a right to run as a candidate without fear of reprisals or unnecessary damage to their reputation.
In Solidarity,
Component Tabulating Committee