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Local Nomination Results – 2021 Election

This bulletin has been divided into 3 sections:

1. Local Elections Required

2. Acclaimed Local Positions

3. Local Vacancies

– – –


Local Elections are required for the following positions and will commence at 09:00 EST on March 11, 2021 and close at 12:00 EST on March 22, 2021:


LOCAL 4091

Local 4091 President
(1 position available)
Caroline Charrier
Guillaume Leduc


LOCAL 4092

Local 4092 President
(1 position available)
Michel Cournoyer
Denis Montpetit
Spiro Vatistas


LOCAL 4094

Local 4094 Vice President
(8 positions available)
Melinda Allen
Sandra Hendre
Bernadette Jean
Alison Kjertinge
Robert Koll
Henly Larden
Guy Leguerrier
David Pacheco
Aiden Tombs


LOCAL 4095

Local 4095 President
(1 position available)
Nadine Perrin
Kim Wentzell

Local 4095 Vice President
(3 positions available)
Nuria Martin
Daylen Mitansky
Janice Patience
Nicola Schnell


IMPORTANT, PLEASE READ CAREFULLY: You will receive a letter by email, and by regular mail for those that did not opt out of physical mailings, directly from Simply Voting prior to the vote opening. This letter will contain a new Elector ID and Password, along with detailed instructions on how to vote online and by telephone.

You have the option of voting by web, or by phone, as per Component Bylaws. You will need your new Elector ID and Password to access the system.

Once you have submitted your vote, the Simply Voting system will issue a printable electronic receipt. If you are voting by phone, you can only access your electronic receipt by logging into the Simply Voting system online.

If you are experiencing difficulties registering your vote, please e-mail or call 1-877-411-3552, extension 254 or (416) 798-3399, extension 254. Please provide us with your name, employee number, phone number, e-mail address, and postal code. We will respond as quickly as possible during business hours (weekdays 9:00am – 4:00pm EST), however, please allow us 1 business day to respond.

As the campaigning process begins, we ask that everyone click HERE to review the Election Guidelines.  These guidelines pertain not only to the candidates, but to the entire membership.

– – –


The following Local positions have been acclaimed:


LOCAL 4091

Local 4091 Vice President
Rima Chebib – ACCLAIMED
Caroline Lozeau-Gelinas – ACCLAIMED
Sabrina Perron – ACCLAIMED
Julie Potvin – ACCLAIMED
Natasha Stea – ACCLAIMED

Local 4091 Secretary-Treasurer
David Guillemette – ACCLAIMED

Local 4091 Trustee
Genevieve Bedard – ACCLAIMED
Guylaine Larochelle – ACCLAIMED


LOCAL 4092

Local 4092 Vice President
Michelle Duhaney – ACCLAIMED
Kathryn Hoffman – ACCLAIMED
Kirk Horsman – ACCLAIMED
Cynthia Kryszak – ACCLAIMED
Victoria Primavera – ACCLAIMED
Laurent (Larry) Roy – ACCLAIMED
Lillian Speedie – ACCLAIMED

Local 4092 Secretary-Treasurer
Da Hyen (David) Lee – ACCLAIMED


LOCAL 4094

Local 4094 President
Carolyn Bugnon – ACCLAIMED

Local 4094 Secretary-Treasurer
Cindy Bell – ACCLAIMED


LOCAL 4095

Local 4095 Secretary-Treasurer
Jocelyne Picot – ACCLAIMED


LOCAL 4098

Local 4098 President
Craig Smith – ACCLAIMED

Local 4098 Vice President
Robyn Sharpe – ACCLAIMED

Local 4098 Secretary-Treasurer
Maxime Audet – ACCLAIMED

Local 4098 Montreal Base Vice President
Kimberly Vasconcelos Duarte – ACCLAIMED

Local 4098 Toronto Base Vice President
Heather Kelly – ACCLAIMED

– – –


There are vacancies in the following Local positions:

LOCAL 4092
– Local 4092 Vice President – 1 vacant position
– Local 4092 Trustee – 1 vacant position

LOCAL 4094
– Local 4094 Trustee – 1 vacant position

LOCAL 4095
– Local 4095 Trustee – 1 vacant position

LOCAL 4098
– Local 4098 Montreal Base Vice President – 1 vacant position
– Local 4098 Toronto Base Vice President – 4 vacant positions
– Local 4098 Trustee – 2 vacant positions


In Solidarity,

Your Component Tabulating Committee