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Long Term Special Assignments (LTSA) for 2019 Initial Training

On Wednesday evening the Union started to receive enquiries regarding the recent announcement in the Move Me News for the upcoming Long Term Special Assignments (LTSA) for 2019 Initial Training.
Consultation with the company was sought Thursday October 18, 2018, and by Friday evening we had the following confirmed:
– The most recent posting is limited to Flight Attendants due to operational constraints and Service Directors’ requirement during that time.
– The Company will continue to utilize Service Directors for the Service Director training.
– The Company will not remove Service Directors who are presently on special assignments.
We understand there was a lot of confusion around this and the information received was that all Service Directors were to return online for the December 2018 block month.  We wish to reiterate, the company has stated that is not the case, no members currently on special assignment will be removed.
Please reach out if you have any further concerns,