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LOU#12 – Special Charter Programs




L12.01.01 The parties recognize that special charter programs can be beneficial to both the Company and the employees by providing excellent opportunities to enjoy unique work conditions and opportunities in foreign countries and Canada.


L12.01.02 In order that the Company remains competitive in the market and to provide reasonable work conditions, the parties agree to cooperate and discuss such work conditions as soon as these programs become known.


L12.01.03    Special charter programs are defined as programs similar to “around the world charters” “HADJ charter” and other programs which cannot reasonably be crewed under current block rules or under the provisions of L12.02.


L12.02   All charter flights, other than the special charter programs referred to in L12.01, will be paired, blocked and operated under the following duty day limitation provisions:


L12.02.01 Scheduled Limitation:  A duty period will not be scheduled to exceed fourteen (14) consecutive hours other than by agreement between the Union and the Company.


EXCEPTION: For charters operating within the territorial boundaries of

            Canada and mainland U.S.A., limitations will be in accordance

with the domestic limitations outlined in B5.02.02.


L12.03       Duty Period Extension – Crew Base: If, due to an irregular operation, a duty period is projected to exceed the scheduled limitation of fourteen (14) hours based on the official forecast, an employee will be required to remain on duty up to fifteen (15) hours.  The employee will not be required to remain on duty in excess of fifteen (15) hours.


         In the event that the duty period was forecast to and actually exceeded fourteen (14) hours, he will receive an additional credit of one (1) hour at his applicable hourly rate for each hour worked over fourteen (14) hours.


NOTE:       This credit applies for pay purposes only.


L12.04       Duty Period Extension ‑ Non Crew Base:  An employee will be required to remain on duty up to sixteen (16) hours based on the official forecast.


NOTE:       Delays beyond those officially forecast at the crew base which extend the duty period beyond fourteen (14) hours, do not qualify for premium pay.


L12.05       If a duty period is projected to exceed fifteen (15) or sixteen (16) hours respectively, the employee may elect to exceed these limitations or request release from duty in accordance with the procedures outlined in Articles B5.02.03.03 ‑ Notice, and B5.02.03.04 ‑ Release From Duty.

L12.06       Where the provisions of this Letter of Understanding are in conflict with the general agreement or Block Rules, these provisions will apply.


L12.07       For the purposes of the official forecast, flight time and aircraft stop over/turn around times will be based on reasonable times for that route or station.


L12.08       For the purposes of this Letter of Understanding, a charter is any flight operating outside of the current Air Canada schedule and for computer purposes designated as “ACO” followed by two given numbers.