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LOU#23 – Job Security






Air Canada agrees to mitigate any identified surpluses by offering options in the following order:


  1. A travel card program with a C-3 priority for any cabin personnel with more than 15 years of service who wishes to resign. The Company will communicate to the Union the Company’s policy governing this.
  2. Leaves of absence up to the number of the remaining identified surplus offered to cabin personnel in order of seniority.  The terms of the special leaves of absences will continue to apply to such leaves.
  3. If there are insufficient mitigations, the following programs will be offered and awarded on the basis of seniority:
  • Mini-blocks to cabin personnel;
  • The opportunity to utilize accrued vacation to cabin personnel;
  1. Any other mitigation programs agreed to by the parties at the time a surplus is identified.
  2. CUPE agrees to fully endorse these programs and actively encourage further participation.