days until our Collective Agreement expires, we are preparing, we are united and we will make change.

LOU#46 – B777




The parties hereto hereby agree as follows:

  1. The employer is introducing the 777-200 and the 777-300 into its fleet.
  2. This agreement is without prejudice to either parties position when the current collective agreement expires and is not to be taken as an expression by either party of its satisfaction with the terms of LOU 18 and/or LOU 22.
  3. LOU 18 and LOU 22 will be amended to add the following
  4. LOU 18                        Complement
    777 – 200                    12
    777 – 300                    13
    LOU 22 A
    777 – 200                    14
    777 – 300                    15
    LOU 22B
    777 – 200                    15
    777 – 300                    16

  5. The anticipated load for the 777 – 200 is 275 and the anticipated load for the 777 – 300 is 349. The anticipated classes of service for each aircraft is 2. The parties agree that in the event of any material changes to any of the above the parties will attempt to negotiate a resolution, failing which the issue will be submitted to arbitration. In deciding whether the crew complement should be changed, the arbitrator may consider not only any material changes to load and classes of service but any other changes which may reasonably impact the question of complement. If the parties cannot agree on an arbitrator, Martin Teplitsky will appoint one.

  7. The following premiums apply to both the 777 – 200 and 777 – 300 under either LOU 18 and LOU 22

(a) 8 crew rest unit
(b) In-flight entertainment
(c) 16 jump seats, 4 of which are comfort seats with tables for the 777 – 300 & 15 with 4 comfort on the 777 – 200. In the event that the crew complement exceeds the number of jump seats, Air Canada will provide a FA certified “ICON” seat for the additional crew member(s).
(d) Maximum airflow in crew rest unit
(e) 2 oxygen bottles, 2 flashlights, fire-fighting gloves and pry bar in crew rest unit
(f) Thicker curtains for the bunks in the crew rest unit.
(g) Grievance withdrawn CHQ-05-17
Dated at Toronto this 5 day of April, 2006
Martin Teplitsky remains seized of the matter
Witness                                                           John Beverage
Martin Teplitsky                                              Stephen P. Knowles
                                                                         Air Canada
                                                                       Pamela Sachs