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LOU#8 – Annual Recurrent Safety Training Pay Credit & Rest Allowance


L8.01              Where an employee is required to travel to and from a location other than their Home Base in order to take their annual recurrent safety training, the following provisions will apply.

L8.01.01       Travel Pay:  When travelling to and from the training locations, the employee will be credited for pay purposes only two (2) hours for each calendar day of travel.  No travel pay applies if training occurs on the travel date.

L8.01.02       Travel Date:  The travel day(s) will be determined by Base Management and will normally be scheduled for the day prior to the training date.  Return travel will be scheduled on the same calendar date as the training day except where no return flight exists on that day; then return travel will be scheduled on the first available flight.

L8.01.03       Exceptions:  If a Vancouver based employee is required to attend the training in Montreal or Toronto, two (2) days of travel will be scheduled, one day before and one day after training.

If Montreal or Toronto based employees are required to attend at either one of these Bases, no pay credits for travel will be applicable.

L8.01.04       Rest Periods:  A ten (10) hour rest period will be granted to each employee commencing with release from training session or on arrival at Home Base where travel was involved.  Where the rest period commences after travel and arrival at Home Base and such rest period overlaps into a blocked flight, the employee will be subject to Article B6.03 ‑ Reassignment, on termination of the ten (10) hour rest period. No employee shall be required to travel to training within a ten (10) hour rest period after a duty period.

L8.01.05       All other provisions with respect to training are in accordance with Article 6.04.