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Mainline and Rouge Metering Process MOAs – Further Extension

The Union is once again pleased to report that we have signed another Memorandum of Agreement with both Air Canada and Air Canada Rouge regarding the metering process.  This most recent MOA further extends the duration of the Metering Process MOA without interruption from the end of the October 2022 block month until the end of the December 2022 block month.

– Click here for a copy of the original May 2022 Mainline MOA
– Click here for a copy of the August 2022 Mainline MOA extension
– Click here for a copy of the November 2022 Mainline MOA additional extension

– Click Here for a copy of the Rouge original May 2022 MOA
– Click here for a copy of the August 2022 Rouge MOA extension
– Click here for a copy of the November 2022 Rouge MOA additional extension

Please continue to report any issues in regards to metering through the following link: Metering Complaint – AC Component.

Mainline Service Directors, please note you are required to file a ground duty claim to have you and your crew paid, if you have any issues, please fill out the above form.  Rouge Leads, no action is required, it will be processed for you, however any discrepancies or issues, please also report.

In solidarity,