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Mainline / Rouge Reciprocal Jumpseat

I am pleased to announce that our discussions with the Company regarding reciprocal cabin jumpseat use between Air Canada Mainline and Rouge have been successful. The Company is now in discussions with Transport Canada to receive final approvals. Click HERE to read a letter from Air Canada regarding reciprocal jump seat arrangements for Rouge and Mainline cabin crew.
Currently Mainline Flight Attendants are only eligible to use the cabin crew jumpseat on Mainline domestic flights. Conversely Rouge Flight Attendants are only eligible to use cabin crew jumpseats on Rouge domestic flights.
Once this agreement is in place, Mainline and Rouge Flight Attendants will have equal access to cabin jumpseats on all domestic flights, whether operated by Mainline or Rouge.
I will continue discussions regarding the further expansion of reciprocal jumpseat agreements with other airlines, and potentially including international travel.
In solidarity,
Marie-Hélène Major
President, Air Canada Component of CUPE