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Minimum Wage Award

The Union is happy to report that we have received an arbitration award from Arbitrator Gedalof regarding grievance CHQ-Rouge-18-30 – Failure to Comply with the Canada Labour Code Minimum Wage Provisions. Cabin Personal assigned to ground duties (i.e. training) will now be compensated at the greater of their Collective Agreement entitlement or the minimum wage.  This award is retroactive to January 1, 2018 and payments will be made to active employees within ninety days. A copy of the award is available HERE.

This grievance applied to Rouge employees based in Ontario, where the minimum wage was raised to $14.00 per hour on January 1, 2018.  This is one of five grievances the Union filed with regard to minimum wages. The others are:

  • CHQ-Rouge-18-32 – Rouge Employees based in BC
  • CHQ-18-25 – Mainline Employees based in Ontario
  • CHQ-18-39 – Mainline Employee based in BC
  • CHQ-18-73 – Mainline Employees based in Alberta

Following the issuance of this award, the Company has agreed to work with the Union in resolving all outstanding minimum wage related grievances.  We are also in discussion for the same to apply to Quebec based employees as the minimum wage recently increased there as well. Our members work hard and deserve a fair wage that aligns with provincial standards. We will always work to ensure that they are respected.

In solidarity,