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MOA’s Reached Regarding YYZ Metering

The Union is pleased to report that we have worked with the company and have signed a Memorandum of Agreement with both Air Canada and Air Canada Rouge in regards to the metering issues you are all facing in Toronto.

The points to note in the MOA’s are:

  • Effective immediately (May 17th), ground duty pay claims related to the metering process in Toronto will be paid at 100% of your hourly rate of pay.
  • If the wait time at the gate exceeds one hour after the scheduled end of your duty period, your duty day end-time will be adjusted and will be considered for the purpose of determining proper crew rest.

Click Here for a copy of the Mainline MOA

Click Here for a copy of the Rouge MOA

The Union is pleased that both Air Canada and Air Canada Rouge have recognized the valuable time each of you are spending on board with our passengers, and that a duty period extension will assist with many reports of crews feeling fatigued.  The Union received countless reports on the metering issues, and thus we were able to paint the picture to the employer on what was required to move forward in regards to pay, as well as a safety first approach to duty periods.

Please continue to report and file health and safety concerns if you experience issues with excessive heat/cold, issues with blocked exits, or any unruly passengers.

In solidarity,